How to Make Ecto Cooler


Have you ever wanted to try Ecto Cooler again but realize you can’t? Well.. thanks to the people of the internet you can. A simple Google search turned up several recipes but this one seemed to be a good one.

  • 2 boxes of Hi-C “Orange Lavaburst”
  • 1 box of┬áDole Tangerine Juice
  • Juice from a hand-squeezed Tangelo
  • 1 bottle of green food coloring

Hi-C “Orange Lavaburst” has half of the original ingredients that Ecto Cooler had. The tangerine juice and the tangerine/grapefruit mix of the Tangelo adds to the flavor. You add in green food coloring because the Ecto Cooler drink was green. Stir and you have Ecto Cooler!

If this mix just isn’t right for you then try out the several other recipes on the internet. Now for your enjoyment check out the retro commercial below!

Yes, I will be making a “How to Make Ecto Cooler” video in the future.

Publix and Stop N Shop Receiving P Cases


Big grocery chains Stop N Shop and Publix are receiving the latest case code this month. If your awaiting these brand new cars then those places are the ones to check! P case will contain the treasure hunt La Fasta and the super treasure hunt Harley Davidson Fat-Boy.

Stop N Shop [locations]

Publix [locations]

World Of Nintendo Link Figure Video Review

Check out the video below of my quick review of the Link figure from Series 1 of the World of Nintendo figures.

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