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Another Epic Fail Clearance Price!

The picture above is at the same store I took the previous ones at and it is pretty fail on price too. This ZVUE MP3 player is priced at $59.00 on clearance from $68.72. You know what the worst part of it is? It’s only 512MB. This is not missed priced this is actually what it would ring up for at the register.

Walmart’s Epic Fail Rollback!


It looks like one Walmart in particular is having a very bad problem at keeping up with todays prices. I just thought I would share with your REAL prices not photoshopped. If you bought these items this is what it would ring up for.

The picture above is an 1GB mobiBLU mp3 player. As you can see the price that they want for it as of July 27th 2011 is $109.72. I mean really what is wrong with this picture? Target had this mp3 player on sale in 2006 for around $116.99. In 2006 this mp3 player was interesting because it was cubed shaped and had some interesting features at the time. But nowadays that price is outrageous! Moving on to the next pricing fail…

Ok, now this is the worst of the two mp3 players I featured today as far as pricing goes. This Philips Mp3 player is priced at $167.72! Now its worth at least around $70 retail. Maybe the MobiBLU mp3 player pricing was worse.

This is not intending to make fun of Walmart Stores Inc. This post was to make them and others aware that they need to keep more aware of the prices at their store. This┬áparticular┬ástore I went to never has a good clearance section while other Walmarts I go to do. This isn’t a reflection on all Walmart stores because I’ve seen great clearance pricing at some of them even some pricing that was downright CHEAP (Bluetooth Car Speakers for $1)!

If you purchase the Motorola Triumph which is available for Virgin Mobile for $300 at Best Buy and get in store activation you will receive a $50 Best Buy gift card. So if you want a high end smartphone with a very cheap plan then go get one today!

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