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3DS Ambassadors Start Downloading Your Games Now!

Did you get your 3DS before the Ambassador program ended? Well, if so your in luck! You can download the games a day earlier by following these instructions: (from Nintendo)

1. From the Nintendo 3DS HOME menu, select the Nintendo eShop icon.

2. Scroll left and select “Settings / Other.”

3. Scroll down and select “Your Downloads” to view a list of transactions.

4. The NES game will be listed here once it is available to download. Tap “Redownload,” then “Download” to begin the download process.

What games do you get you ask? The following: Super Mario Bros, Metroid, The Legend Of Zelda, Wrecking Crew, NES Open Tournament Golf, Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Zelda II – The Adventure of Link, and Yoshi.

If you have a Roku Box then you should go and add this private channel to your channel list. Its called Nowhere TV and they have several tv shows and channels. Way to many to list but here is a few: ABC News, CBS, BBC, CNN, MTV, Fox News, Gaming, HBO, Home & Garden, International, Cartoon Network, Local Channels, MLB, Motorsports, NBC, NHL, and Technology channels. So how do you get this on your Roku?

Just go here and enter your email address and password. Once you’ve done that just click add to channel list. In less than a few minutes typically (they say could take 24 hours) you’ll have a new channel called “Nowhere TV” in your list. Go check it out!

Video: Seagull stole someones video camera!

Someone on Youtube lost his video camera to a Seagull in Cannes, France. He found it on a castle wall.

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