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25 FREE 4×6 Prints At Walgreens Online

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Free Jr. Arby’s Jamocha shake coupon!

Are you thinking Arby’s? If you are I have a great coupon for you! Go here and print out this coupon for a FREE Jr. Jamocha shake!

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H20 Wireless Review

So what do you think about using an iPhone on prepaid? Well, now you can. There is other services such as Simple Mobile but it uses T-mobile and in my area they only have Edge/2G service. H2o wireless uses AT&T  as its network which has great service in my area. You also get HSPA+ speeds that you would if you were on their contract service. I tested speeds and I got 3 Mpbs a second on the service sometimes. With this service you can be use any locked AT&T phone that you want including the iPhone. If you do desire using an iPhone 4 you will have to cut the sim card to micro size. You can do this by buying one of those micro sim cutters from Noosy on Amazon.Com. I was on the $60 a month plan which gives you UNLIMITED Talk & Text with 2GB of 3G data. Now, do you want to hear the cons.

Customer Service wait times are horrible.

Data speeds come and go as the people on actual contract with AT&T are using the tower. Sometimes you might get 3 Mbs and sometimes you might get Kbs. How does this effect you? Let’s say your downloading something off the app store. It could take a long time to download depending on the speed of the network. The data speeds change constantly. I tested a Youtube video and it would load 10 seconds of it and then completely stop. Try again in about 10 minutes and it would load it fast. Audio streaming was bad to as it would stream just fine for a few minutes and then have long cut outs and then resume streaming.  I would only recommend this if you were mostly around WiFi or you just surfed the web and checked your emails.

MMS is not available. Now, you can actually get MMS to work. You must Jailbreak your phone and install TetherMe and TetherMe APN settings from Cydia. Once you’ve done that and entered the correct APN settings for H2o wireless and tested your MMS sending/receiving you can unjailbreak your device. (if you want too). If you want to unjailbreak your device and keep MMS settings then you will just sync to iTunes and create a backup of your current settings. Then, restore your iPhone to factory settings and then set your phone to the last known backup on iTunes. Your iPhone should then be able to still send MMS messages with no jailbreak.

In closing, I wouldn’t recommend H20 wireless to anyone unless they just wanted a smartphone that they simply wanted to surf the web and check email with. Call Quality was great and text messaging was fine. I have no complaints there.

Source: [H2o Wireless]

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