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Samsung Galaxy S5 for Virgin Mobile will be $599.99 when it releases in Early May. This information is all laid out in the official rules for winning a free Samsung Galaxy S5. It states: Prizes: Five (5) winners will receive one (1) $35 Virgin Mobile Top Up PIN (Estimated Retail Value (“ERV”) $35.00) and one (1) Samsung Galaxy S5 (ERV $599.99). The contest is over on May 6th which points to a May release. Find out more here.

Samsung Galaxy S III users on Sprint will be getting an OTA update starting today on their device. This marks the first U.S. carrier to get the brand new Jelly Bean OS for the Galaxy S III.

Want to know what today’s ten cent apps are on the Android Market? Here you go! *this list can change daily*


If you’d like to listen to music on your phone through your Bluetooth this app I’m about to tell you will do just that. You no longer have to buy a fancy bluetooth with ad2p bluetooth profile to stream your audio. All you have to do is download an app called BTMono. It works with most Android phones but is not working on Motorola devices with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). If you currently have a AD2P profile headset it may not work either. Just give it a try and its free in the Android Market. There is a PAID version you might like too.

Source: [BT Mono]


LG Optimus Q is coming to Straight Talk Mid-November

The LG Optimus Q is coming to Straight Talk in the coming weeks and it actually sounds like a good mid-range Android phone. Here are the specs: 800MHZ processor, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), sliding QWERTY keyboard, MicroSD card slot, 3.2 MP camera, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It will be running on a CDMA network. From what I’ve heard is that this one will also be running on Sprint like the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. It’s priced at $179.99 and will be out mid-November.

Iris Is The Android Alternative To Apple’s Siri

Have you heard of Siri for Apple iPhone 4S? This digital assistant the sets alarms, read/sends texts, answers questions, and calls people on the iPhone 4S. If you have then you may wonder where that is for Android? Well, its here… kind of… Iris which is Siri spelled backward (lol) was programmed in 8 hours from Dexetra. It is still in Alpha staged so it doesn’t do everything correctly like it should. Give it a try. Click the Source link below to download for your Android phone. You need an Android 2.1 OS phone or higher.

Source: [iris. ask. listen.]

EasyTether is great for using your Android smartphone data for your PC. It can also tether with your PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii via Windows Internet Connection Sharing.  It works with all carriers such as: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. This app also works with Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. One plus to this app is YOU DON’T NEED TO ROOT YOUR PHONE to use it. Which is awesome.

It’s only $7.49 on the Amazon Appstore when it is typically $9.99.

Source: [Amazon Appstore for Android]

Don’t you just love the daily free apps on Amazon Appstore for Android? Today’s free app is called Zombie Rider! If you love Zombies then you’ll love this app. Here is some more information about this app from Amazon.Com.

Product Description

Use the accelerometer to tilt your zombie mid-air for a safe landing
Zombie road kings–start your engines! Why kill zombies when you can join them in this 2-D, side-scrolling racing game for your Android device.

Rumor has it, an evil scientist created a cure for the zombie virus, and the human race is spreading like fleas. Get on your chopper, and motor your way crosscountry to the zombie sanctuary in Chicago. Zombies, come one, come all!

More Brain Fuel Please

Navigate your reckless zombie using on-screen controls and your accelerometer. Ride like you’ve got nothing to live for because you’re already dead, and collect as many brains on the way. Brains cut seconds from your overall time, and get you further, faster. Now that’s using brain power.

Press the right side of the screen to accelerate, and the left side of the screen to brake or reverse. As you speed over hills, ramps, and other obstacles, you’ll launch your zombie in the air. Tilt the device to lean forward or backward. Lean extra far, and flip mid-air for a show-stopping trick, or just eat pavement. It’s not like it will hurt or anything.

Zombie Road Kill on Route 66

Beginning in Los Angeles, gather the zombie gang and ride the historic Route 66 all the way to America’s Midway. Each level covers some ground on the map and moves you closer to the zombie sanctuary. Small skulls along the route represent different stages of all three levels.

Cruise the wide open highway collecting brains, landing radical flips, and doing face plants, all to the tune of the hardcore rock ‘n roll soundtrack. It’s Chicago or bust!

Amazon Appstore for Android freebies only last one day. Remember, to check them daily for new free apps.

Don’t you just love the free Android apps everyday on Android? I do. What is todays free app? It’s Symphony Of Eternity which is an RPG that has a retro look. Wanna know more? Of course you do! Below I’ve included information about the game from Amazon.Com.

Symphony of Eternity, a role-playing game for Android, boasts an gripping story, quirky characters, and freewheeling combat.

Where the Symphony of Eternity Begins

In this epic RPG, you follow the adventures of a gallant young man and his golem companion as they roam the world in search of a legendary weapon. One day the pair rescues a solitary girl from a band of bloodthirsty monsters. Explaining that she is of royal blood and the sole survivor of a treacherous palace coup, the mysterious princess opts to join her rescuers on their journey for the magic weapon.

Discover how their destinies are intertwined.

Characters and Combat

If you enjoy old school computer role-playing games such as Might and Magic, Symphony of Eternity should be your next sojourn. The game’s combination of turn-based gameplay with an auto-battle feature makes for smooth, simple, and freewheeling combat. You can control every move from the touch screen, so it’s easy to stay focused on the game.

Quirky, comical, and emotional characters make appearances with their own purpose in the story. Customize characters with different gear or offensive and defensive skills based on total merit points. Nurture your character to your preference by allocating points to desired skills. If you would like to increase attack power or critical strike rate, you can–among many more skill options.

Graphically Stunning

Symphony of Eternity features high quality WVGA graphics, and also supports output to a high-definition monitor. It’s easy to immerse yourself in this game’s beautifully-rendered world.

Wow, Amazon is kicking off some very interesting products today. First off, the Kindle Fire will be an Android based tablet running Kindle software similar to the Nook Color. But the price is only going to be $199! It will also come with WiFi (no 3G) and a 30-day Amazon Prime subscription. It will be able to access Android applications like Angry Birds and Facebook. More details on that to come later on.

A new version of the Kindle WiFi will be shipping for $79 starting today! Which is awesome for those who want a great quality Book reader without spending a whole lot. It’s definitely now the lowest priced “quality” book reader out there.

The Kindle Touch will be similar to the Nook Touch but will be priced $39 cheaper. It will retail for $99. This news is just breaking so I will post more later..

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