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With the success from the sales of Monopoly: Legend of Zelda comes a new board game in 2015. Do you remember the game “Don’t Wake Daddy”?



The rules are simple: “To be the first player to tiptoe from your bed, past all the noisy obstacles, to the refrigerator for a midnight snack – without waking Daddy.” Well the makers at Hasbro decided to make a new twist on the series with the success of Legend of Zelda: Monopoly. It is called Legend of Zelda: Don’t Wake Ganon. I have the exclusive picture of the board game below.


Will you buy this game? I hope not. Haha. Sorry, was just thinking about the original Legend of Zelda board game by Milton Bradley. What if they were to do more of them inspired by other board games. However, would you buy Don’t Wake Ganon if it was real? Let us know in the comments below! Also, what other Legend of Zelda inspired board games would you create? Thanks for reading!

*This blog post was obviously FAKE  but thanks for reading it anyway.


Zelda GAMESTOP EX 2014_mn_3dbt_web


Today Gamestop informed me that they are no longer taking pre-orders for the Legend Of Zelda Monopoly board game in store. This is what they wrote:

Hi, we sorry we no longer take pre-orders for that game starting today. We just got an email today about that. Have a great day! via Talkto Agent

You can still pre-order the game on their website. Have you pre-order yours yet?

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