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The Legend of Zelda franchise is one of the most celebrated and loved Nintendo brand of all time. I remember playing LOZ when I was young with my brother. I continued to play the Legend Of Zelda games throughout the years. Many toys were released in that time period and many I actually had.


The Legend of Zelda board game was one that I got as a young kid. Sadly, I have NO idea where it could possibly be. Was it sold in a yard sale or is it lost in attic somewhere? I may never know where its whereabouts are. It is something I would love to acquire at some point in my life. With prices for this game reaching over $125 on eBay that may not happen for some time to come. Read the rest of this entry


Hey everybody! I’ve got a brand new video to show you! Check it out below! It reviews the Knex Super Mario 3D Land Ghost House! This is a HUGE playset that Mario collectors of any age can enjoy!



Nintendo released Donkey Kong in Arcades on this day back in 1981.  The game involved Mario who was named “Jumpman”. You had to save the Lady who was called “Lady” (now known as Pauline)  from the big ape named Donkey Kong!

Did you play this game in the 80′s? If you did tell us in the comments below!

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