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Listen to our newest podcast below! We talk about The Ultimate Warrior, Wrestlemania XXX, RAW after Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan, The Streak, Paul Heyman, NXT, Paige, AJ Lee and much more!

P.S. I do plan on moving all our podcast content over to YouTube and on the future BrandonTypesHere.Com Radio (which launches in May).

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We are bringing back BrandonTypesHere.Com Podcasts! You currently can find our podcasts on iTunes, however, they aren’t streamable. I’m working on a fix for that and will have all them back up soon! It should be done by sometime next week.

Episode 14: Wrestling & Collectibles 8

Title: Episode 14: Wrestling & Collectibles 8

Hosts: Brandon and Joe

Time: 33:38

Description:  We talk about ARW Wrestling, Emma coming to main roster, WWE Network, Signature Series 2014 available at Walmart, Ryback’s Weird Tweets and more!

Episode 10: Wrestling & Collectibles 4

 Title: Episode 10: Wrestling & Collectibles 4

Hosts: Brandon and Joe

  Time: 58:04

Description:  We talk about who could buy TNA, this past Monday Night RAW, Wrestlemania 30, casual fans and current/future wrestling collectibles.

Episode 9: Wrestling & Collectibles 3

Title: Episode 9: Wrestling & Collectibles 3

Hosts: Brandon and Joe

Time: 35:25 

Descripition: We talk about the latest wrestling figures and the previous Monday Night Raw. WARNING: This episode has a ton of technical difficulties. 

Episode 7: Wrestling & Collectibles


Title: Episode 7: Wrestling & Collectibles

Hosts: Brandon, Joe and Jacob

Time: 58:31 

Descripition: We discuss WWE Monday Night RAW and how TNA should reinvent wrestling.

Episode 6: New Format!

Title: Episode 6: New Format!

Hosts: Brandon

Time: 1:15 

Descripition: New format.


Episode 5: Let’s Talk About The New iPhone!

Title: Episode 5: Let’s Talk About The New iPhone!

Hosts: Brandon 

Time: 08:42 

Descripition: Let’s talk about the new iPhone!


Episode 2: What Exactly is Droid Does?

 Title: Episode 2: What Exactly Is Droid Does?

Hosts: Brandon

Time: 8:44 

Descripition: All about what exactly Droid Can Do and different tech news.

Episode 1: The Android Has Arrived

Title: Episode 1: The Android Has Arrived

Hosts: Brandon

Time: 4:10 

Descripition: I discuss my favorite Android apps. 


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