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Bad Customer Service — Have You Ran Into This?

Check out the video above and tell us in the comments below if this has ever happened to you. Jack Vale called different retailers and asked if they had a certain product in stock. Everytime the employee said they didn’t have it. Jack went inside the store and found out they actually did.

I have had this happen to me in the past to. Have you?

McDonalds Could Be Getting Rid Of Cashiers


McDonalds is testing automated cashiers and may soon be rolling them out to all the restaurants. Below, I’ve included a picture of the self-service register.


Reports are indicating that McDonalds may be doing this so it doesn’t have to raise the wage for its cashiers. That could possibly cause them to raise the prices of their food to unstanible┬álevels.

What do you think of McDonalds doing this? Tell us in the comments below!

Hotwheels Tip: Check Your Local Publix!


If your looking for the brand new N case for Hotwheels check out Publix! I recently checked two different stores and I found a couple of the new cars. Publix seems to be putting out a few new cars at a time.

Currently there isn’t any new information about Wal-mart getting the case. However, we will let you know when they do.

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