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Hotwheels Tip: Check Your Local Publix!


If your looking for the brand new N case for Hotwheels check out Publix! I recently checked two different stores and I found a couple of the new cars. Publix seems to be putting out a few new cars at a time.

Currently there isn’t any new information about Wal-mart getting the case. However, we will let you know when they do.



I was walking through Walmart and this package caught my eye. I’m used to seeing Sunny the Kellogg’s character with the sunglasses and two scoops of raisins ┬áin hand. This time the package had a moon instead. I can’t find anything about this moon character online. Sunny the normal character is usually on the front of the box. He started appearing on the boxes in 1966. He sometimes sported sunglasses or a night cap. This is the first time I’ve ever seen them replace Sunny with the Moon on the package.

This is a limited edition so if you’re into collecting cereal boxes then this is for you. Check out the image of the cereal box below.



Below we have a nostalgic look back at some old video game prices of years ago. The following pictures are taken from the Sears Annual Spring/Summer 93′ catalog and Sears Wish Book 97′.

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