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Quick Look: Kelsyus Canopy Chair

This is a quick look and tear down of the Kelsyus Canopy Chair. Purchase it here: Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

Here is a recent review video I did for a screen protector for an iPhone 4/4S. I don’t recommend this product because (as shown in the video) the shield did mis-align and did have bubbles. Of course, they do say that the bubbles will leave within 24 hours. However at $19.99 I can’t really say this is a good buy.

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Mighty Grocery App for Android Video Review

Today’s free Amazon app was “Mighty Grocery”. I downloaded it and made a review below for you to watch! Enjoy!

Source: [Mighty Grocery]

From Amazon.Com:

Product Features
Enjoy anime-style characters and graphics with innovative elements that reflect real life
Play against other registered gamers in the PvP arena
Get over 40 hours of gameplay with a single character and epic storyline
Accomplish quests to earn points and rewards
Unlock hundreds of unique items and weapons as you play
Product Description

The popular mobile app ZENONIA gets a worthwhile makeover with ZENONIA 2. Years after Regret saved Zenonia from the darkest evils imaginable, new evil has begun to spread once again. This time, it’s up to four characters–Lu, Ecne, Morpice, and Daza–to save Zenonia from the evil that threatens to destroy everyone in its path.

ZENONIA 2 is role-playing at its finest with epic storylines, well-rounded characters, multiple maps, and elaborate scenery from level to level. As each story unfolds, you’re bound to be drawn in with each new twist and turn.

You best be prepared to lose hours to the epic play that is ZENONIA 2.

Four unique characters and storylines
Four Distinct Characters
Lu the Paladin
• Has high defense power, and uses a holy sword and shield to destroy evil

Ecne the Shooter
• Performs swift attacks with high evasion skills and longest firing range

Morpice the Magician
• Uses mystical skill and magic to destroy enemies

Daza the Warrior
• Explodes internal energy instantaneously to suppress his enemies

Transform your character into a stylish fighting machine
Character Customization
Get your character a makeover whenever you’d like. With more than 30 helmets, 52 main weapons, and 25 sub weapons, the fashion combinations are seemingly endless. Why settle for the boring old garb of a shabby serf when you don’t have to?

Thousands of Items
There’s a total of 1,250 items, all distinctively classed and customized for individual characters, which can be equipped to use efficiently and effectively in the realm of Zenonia. Items you’re certain to come across include potions, rifles, diamond rings, rolls of string, and more.


Transform your character into a stylish fighting machine
There are two quest types in ZENONIA 2–main and sub quests. Main quests must be finished and cannot be quit, while sub quests are optional. Both quest types let you explore the world and gather points and rewards upon completion. The types of side quests you can expect to see are: visiting or running errands for people in town, delivering or collecting goods for people, and killing slimes, bees, and lobsters.

Ecne the Shooter
Skill Tree System
Enjoy dazzling and dynamic skill effects. All four characters have multiple active and passive skills that display a diversity of offensive and defensive abilities. Each skill possesses a unique skill effect. Learn them all to display your gaming prowess.

PvP Arena
Tired of playing solo? Switch up your gaming experience and join the asynchronous online multiplayer to defeat other registered users. Pick your fighting arena from a selection of different towns to engage in player versus player battle. Keep your gaming experience exciting and social while beating the bananas out of strangers.

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PicSay Pro Video App Review

Want a cool picture editor for your Android phone?