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Totally FREE Phone Service – FreedomPOP



If you have decent Sprint coverage in your area and don’t want to pay anything for your cell phone plan, this is the deal for you! They do allow you to bring your own device you’ll just have to check to make sure its compatible. Currently, they do offer three different types of phones on their website. The Samsung Galaxy SII – $159, HTC EVO 4G -$109 and the Privacy Phone for $189.

The FREE Basic plan is 200 Minutes, 500 text messages and 500MB of data. If you can do with that then its completely free. Feel like you want more? They also have plans for the more heavy voice/text users for only $10.99/month – unlimited voice and text!

Check out — FREEDOMPOP



Saying Okay, Google on your Android phone just got a whole lot smarter. The Google Now app now allows users to say “Take a photo” or “Take a video” to record a photo or video. You can also say “play some music” and even choose a certain playlist to play. You currently aren’t allowed to do this on iOS due to the strict restrictions on Apples behalf.

Best Buy Pricing Fail


Today’s retail fail comes from Best Buy. They are selling a Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Case for $29.99. However, the one they have hanging there says $32.99 (open box). If you have anymore retail fails use the contact link in the navigation bar!



Virgin Mobile Announces LTE Hotspot

Virgin Mobile recently announced the first LTE mobile hotspot for Broadband2Go. It’s called Netgear Mingle, and it will support Sprint’s Spark enhanced tri-band (800 Mhz, 1.9Ghz and 2.5Ghz) LTE service which is capable of 50-60 Mbps!

Currently there isn’t any word on pricing but the plans will be as follows:

  • $5/day for 250 MB
  • $25/month for 1.5 GB
  • $55/month for 6 GB

The above picture is the often rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo on your left and the bigger brother Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on your right. The Neo will have a thinner profile with a fake leather backing.  Samsungs mid-range to entry level processor 1.7Ghz dual plus 1.3Ghz quad-core “hexa” is rumored to be in this device as well.

Information currently states that we will get the official word next month at MWC 2014!

Source: [SamMobiles]

Review: Samsung Galaxy Gear VIDEO

Jacob reviews the Samsung Galaxy Gear!

Best Buy has an amazing deal for the Moto G. It’s only $100 dollars off contract for Verizon. You can add this phone to Verizon MVNOs like Page Plus and more. You can also bring this to Verizon on a month to month basis. 

Find out more about the Moto G here.


Straight Talk Finally Tells The Truth

Straight Talk used to say that it had unlimited (no explanation on throttle) data, text and talk. They never explained when they throttled or if they did at all. Many users knew that they did throttle their accounts including suspending my account several times (even running on their terrible 2G speeds). I used to sell their product as well and hated that they never truly explained their UNLIMITED data to us. It was just a giant mystery because each user reported a different experience.

Now they finally report that your 3G/4G speeds will slow down to 2G after your first 2.5 GB a month. Finally, they should have been saying that a long time ago. 

I’m not sure how well Straight Talk service performs any longer. I don’t carry their service anymore and have been with Virgin Mobile for awhile.  

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Virgin Mobile USA?

Virgin Mobile USA recently had a giveaway on Cyber Monday for eight different products or $2,000 dollars. One of those eight products was the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 w/ Galaxy Gear. The Note 3 (nor the Gear) are available currently on Virgin Mobile USA’s website. 

Why would Virgin Mobile give the Note 3 away then expect you to activate it with another carrier? Nothing has been announced about the winner of the giveaway yet. 

LINK: {Virgin Moblie Giveaway} (please note that the giveaway is over, the purpose of this article is to speculate about the Note 3)

Free Cellphone Service?

Is there really a service out there that truly offers you free internet service? Yes, there is. FreedomPop will give you 500MB of FREE 4G LTE/4G WIMAX/3G data, 500 free messages and 200 free minutes (voicemail is $2.49/month) to talk on each month. 

Is their a catch? I haven’t seen one. They operate on the Sprint Network. Their isn’t any contracts and you can cancel anytime.

You can bring your own Sprint device or you can buy their phone. The phone that they offer is the HTC EVO 4G. They are offering the HTC EVO 4G for only $99.99. 


  • CPU: 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 QSD8650
  • Memory: 440 MB of internal storage, plus 4GB micro sd card included
  • Camera: 8 megapixel auto-focus, LED flash
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, WiFi 802.11 b/g, WiMAX plus EVDO Rev. A, MicroUSB v2
  • Battery: Li-lon 1500 mAh battery

Do you want to try their service? Go HERE and check and see if you have coverage. 

What other plans do they offer?

  • Premium 500: 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB 4G/3G data for $7.99/month
  • Unlimited: Unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of 4G/3G data for $10.99/month (first month FREE)


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