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New Emoji-only Messenger App Launches


You use emojies sometimes right? How would you like an app that uses them only?  Matt Gray is the developer behind this brand new messenger that has just that on the App store.

I don’t think many will go for this because you can use this in the standard messaging app. I think the novelty of it is neat. It will be something most will use for just a few days. What do I know though? It could be the biggest app ever. Anyways, if you’d like to check it out go HERE and remember its FREE.

What do you guys think of the app? Get the conversation started in the comments below!


Apple Event Scheduled Sept 9th


Apple is set to release the iPhone 6 on Sept 9th at an auditorium about 3 miles away from headquarters. Many people are speculating about the new iPhone 6 which is slated to have a 4.7″ or 5.5″ screen. The “one more thing” of the event might be the fabled “smart watch” that Apple may release to combat those from Samsung, Motorola and LG.

The bigger screen iPhone will bring in higher sales some analysts believe because of the larger screen. Many iPhone users have been clamoring for the larger screen iPhone for years. As their Android using friends got bigger screens and their iPhones had smaller 3.5″ and 4″ screens.

Apple will mostly likely boost the specs of this phone and may even include the often rumored NFC. However some believe that Apple will forego NFC in favor of continuing it’s iBeacon strategy.

I think the iPhone will look similar in quality to the iPhone 5S but with a much larger processor, screen and megapixel. Who knows yet though. We will all find out when Apple unveils its newest creation in Cupertino on Sept 9th.

Comment below on what you think we will see!




Check out “Ask Ooloo” an iOS and Android app that you can ask questions to and it will answer you back; similar to Google Now. It is actually human powered so when you ask the question a team of Ooloo agents research your question and send you an answer. It my try it took them about five minutes to answer my question.

It is similar to the way ChaCha used to work but now you ask a question through your phones microphone in the Ooloo app instead of texting a service. You can literally ask it anything and you will get a response 24/7 according to Ooloo. Try it out now in the iOS App store or in Google Play today! It’s free!

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